CFDs on indices offer a diversified way to trade global equity markets without having to identify, analyse, and trade specific stocks.

Many traders find this is a more efficient way to invest in the equity market, as they can focus on a few index CFDs rather than monitoring hundreds of global stocks.

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  • Competitive pricing: Spreads as low as 0.45 pips when accessing global markets.
  • Trade long and short: you can potentially benefit from both rising and falling prices of a specific instrument by going long or short.
  • Get share dividend adjustments: When holding long positions in stock indices, you may receive a dividend adjustment on the ex-dividend date.
  • Hedging: You can hold long and short positions at the same time on any index product.
  • No commission.

Product Information

Instrument name Spread from (pips)* Maximum leverage Minimum trading volume Pip value
US30 2.6 100:1 1 USD 1
Dow Jones Industrial Average Index (USA)
SPX500 0.45 100:1 1 USD 1
SPX 500 index (USA)
USTEC 1.45 100:1 1 USD 1
Nasdaq 100 index (USA)
UK100 1.27 100:1 1 GBP 1
FTSE 100 index (UK)
DE30 1.31 100:1 1 EUR 1
DAX performance index (Germany)
FRA40 1.16 100:1 1 EUR 1
CAC 40 index (France)
HK50 5 100:1 1 HKD 1
Hang Seng China 50 (Hong Kong)
JPN225 7 100:1 1 JPY 50
Nikkei 225 index (Japan)
AUS200 1.9 100:1 1 AUD 1
ASX 200 index (Australia)

* Spreads are indicative only.

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“Spread from” is the lowest spread that can be offered on the given product. If the underlying market spread widens during the trading day, or if you are trading out of hours, the platform spread may also widen. Spreads shown are for the first price available for the average market trade sizes in the relevant product. The spread may widen for larger trading sizes. Please refer to the MT4 platform for more information.

This data is provided for general information only and may not be current. Please refer to the product properties section of the MT4 platform for real-time information on the spreads, margin requirements, commission (if applicable), and trading hours of a particular product.

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Index Holding Cost (Swap)

Holding rates for index CFDs are based on the underlying interbank rate of the index plus a fixed markup of 2.5% on buy and sell positions. For the convenience of our clients, the MT4 platform displays holding costs in points per contract.

Like forex markets, the underlying exchange for indices is also closed on weekends. Therefore, a three-day holding cost is applied on Friday. Note: Any holidays will result in holding costs being charged before the holiday date.


Spread From
0.1 PIPS


Up to 400:1


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Trading Contracts-For-Difference (CFD) carries significant risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Before deciding to trade the CFD offered by us, you should carefully consider your objectives, financial situation, needs, and level of experience. We recommend that you seek independent professional financial advice and ensure you fully understand the risks involved before trading.

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